Hashtag Learning for Writing Center Practitioners

While writing centers use social media primarily to advertise their services, the past year represents a surge in connected learning for the writing center community, too. Kyle Boswell (@boskm) and Liz Mathews (@lzmathews81) organize ongoing Twitter chats under the hashtags #wcchat and #writingcenter. In this International Writing Centers Association conference presentation from October 14, 2016, Liz used her organizing experiences and the chat archival data to share the value of networked learning as a means of free, relevant, and accessible professional development. Kyle simultaneously hosted a Twitter chat to engage online community members around presentation questions: View the conference presentation…

Mindful Minute

The below photo-response comes from an exercise done with the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project’s (PAWLP) 2016 Summer Writing Institute. It’s one of the very many ways we can use visuals as ways into thinking and writing. Description from Olafur Eliasson’s “Weather Project: “Colors other than yellow or black are invisible, thus transforming the visual field around the sun into a vast duo tone landscape.” Free write Reaction/Memory: It was a calm collection of brilliance and awe. Our attention was focused on this orb — a trick of an orb, really (there was only one half of it installed, with…

Negotiating the Middle Place

Negotiating the Middle Place: A Workshop to Equip Graduate Administrators Presented by Amanda Scheibner Assistant Director of the West Chester University Writing Center Liz Mathews Professional Tutor, Villanova University Professional Development & Assessment Coordinator, West Chester University Presented at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association (MAWCA) conference on Friday, March 18. Graduate student administrators (GSAs) may go by various titles, but we share a common experience: our work features a dynamic set of responsibilities. In this interactive workshop, we identify the sometimes dizzying roles and duties of GSAs in order to brainstorm strategies around time management, communication, and professional development….